Choosing an insulation contractor? Read this before you sign…

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Choosing an insulation contractor should be a carefully considered decision. Your project deserves the very best materials and services for your budget, and therefore requires enough time, thought and testing to ensure you sign with a reputable contractor.

Insulation is one of those key phases of a build that you really want to get right the first time, with the right contractor and the right materials. In other words, it is important that you don’t rush your insulation contract decision. Taking the time could save you even more time – and money too.

Here are some tips to consider before signing your insulation contract

1. Get clarity on your insulation needs

It’s essential that you have a clear picture of what your insulation needs to achieve. Make a list of all issues and be prepared for when your potential contractor asks questions at their first site visit. It will all go a long way to helping you find the right person for the job.

  • What kind of insulation will your build require?
  • Are you set on certain materials being used or open to options?
  • Will you need custom insulation to suit a uniquely shaped structure?
  • Are there potential problem areas that need attention before a renovation?

2. Arrange a site walkthrough

Choosing an insulation contractor should never be done over the phone, as there is only so much you can describe telephonically. The right contractor will want to do an in-person inspection of the site. They will conduct a thorough walkthrough of the property, looking out for air leaks, condensation buildup, or any other issues before quoting. This will help them recommend the best insulation solution for your needs.

3. Go with a pro

As much as it would be cheaper to enlist the help of a general handyman to install your insulation, don’t do it. They might be able to handle the job well enough, but some jobs are better left to the professionals. The price of failing inspections and not meeting safety standards could end up costing you more in the long run.

  • They have better understanding of the product specifications
  • They will be more thorough and efficient
  • They will have had more experience installing insulation in a variety of properties
  • They will adhere to the safety standards required
  • They will have knowledge of building codes, compliance and regulations for proper installation
  • They will likely also offer a warranty on the job

4. Get several estimations

This goes without saying, but it is wise to get quotes from several contractors before choosing the right one. These installation costs can vary greatly, but a reputable contractor will be able to give you more accurate estimations. An inexperienced contractor looking to simply secure your business may initially underquote you, only to find that it isn’t adequate to cover the full costs of labour, time, materials, and unforeseen expenses down the line.

5. Check for recommendations and reviews

One of the easiest ways to weed out the quotes that don’t meet the standards and requirements of the job is to simply check online reviews and request recommendations. Asking for referrals from friends, family and colleagues is a great way to narrow down your search, as you’ll be able to see the evidence of quality workmanship. Be sure to ask for honest feedback on the working relationship, whether the contractor met realistic deadlines, how approachable they were, and what their conduct was like on the job.

6. Confirm their accreditations, licensing and insurance

The right contractor will have all this information available should you request it. Make sure you take the time to verify their qualifications with the appropriate bodies. Be sure to also check their proof of insurance, including the carrier, the certificate, and the coverage details.

7. Lastly, understand the terms of the contract

When you have selected the right contractor, it is vital that you draft a written agreement with them and understand the full terms and conditions of that contract. This is particularly important when it comes to payment terms, project timelines, the scope of work and other important details.

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