Crown Your Home With Summit Cornices  

Crown Your Home With Summit Cornices  

Cornices are an understated design feature that is highly functional as well as decorative. They can add a designer touch to the simplest of spaces, finishing it off with a clean, modern look and feel.

Traditionally made from wood or gypsum, cornices are decorative trims that are installed to protect wall faces where walls and a roof or ceiling meet, and are typically used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Summit cornices are manufactured using our own locally made extruded polystyrene (XPS), a versatile material which offers a wide range of benefits, both functional and aesthetic.

As a building contractor, it is important to understand the full specifications of the materials you choose for your clients. In this blog we unpack some of the top benefits of selecting Summit cornices for your next project.

Why Choose Summit XPS Cornices For Your Next Build?

1. Fast and Easy Installation

Polystyrene is renowned for its versatility and is easy to handle by your installation team. This material is lightweight, and simple to cut, glue into place, and install. No matter the style or size you choose, installing Summit XPS Polystyrene cornices is simple and stress-free, helping your team complete their installations quickly and efficiently.

2. Versatile Application

Our polystyrene cornices can be mounted onto almost any stable surface. Such surfaces include tile, concrete, wood, face brick, marble, vinyl, steel, granite, or plastic. It is also flexible enough to work with uneven surfaces, accommodating any slight gaps or dips while remaining straight and streamlined.

3. Easy to Paint and Modify

Summit XPS cornices are smooth and easy to paint, and their surfaces merge well with white ceilings. All it takes is one coat of white, water-based paint to blend in perfectly with your ceilings and walls.

4. Highly Durable

Not only do they provide excellent thermal insulation, Summit polystyrene cornices are also water-resistant, highly flexible, durable, and resistant to any damage that can be caused by household pests.

5. Multiple Designs

Our polystyrene cornices are available in a variety of styles that will slot in perfectly with any interior aesthetic. With designs ranging from traditional to ultra modern, choosing one that works with your space is simple.

6. Moisture Resistant

Polystyrene is resistant to damage that can be caused by constant moisture exposure, which makes Summit XPS cornices ideal for wet or humid spaces like your kitchen, bathroom, or outside patio.

More About Summit XPS Cornices

Adding cornices to your home has never been easier thanks to the Summit range. The beauty of Summit polystyrene cornices lies in how easy they are to install and paint. What’s more, you are guaranteed to find them in a wide range of styles to suit your space, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Made from CFC-free XPS material, Summit Polystyrene Cornices are lightweight and easy to handle from start to finish.

Summit XPS cornices are in stock immediately and available in:

  • 11 different styles
  • Sturdy, practical dispensing boxes
  • Individual units, boxed and bar-coded for ease-of-sale

Also available to our retail partners nationwide is a modular point-of-sale solution, which is easy to install and will benefit your store, regardless of its size. Topped off with the great Swartland service our clients have come to expect, satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose Summit XPS cornices for your next build or renovation project.

Where can you find Summit XPS cornices?

You can request a quote via our website, find a direct stockist in your area, or you can find them at one of several major retailers nationwide.