Understanding SummitBoard Fire Rating for Superior Insulation

Fire Board Insulation

In the construction world, safety is paramount. When it comes to insulation, flame spread is a critical aspect to consider. Summit XPS, the industry leader in insulation solutions, takes fire safety seriously, and we are proud to share the outstanding results of our fire rating classification.

Below you will find more information about the fire rating of SummitBoard (80mm) as per SANS 428. It achieved remarkable classification results using the SANS 10177 5, 10, and 11 horizontal and vertical test protocols. Understanding the classification can help you make informed decisions about incorporating SummitBoard into your projects, ensuring not only top-notch thermal performance but also enhanced safety measures.

SummitBoard Fire Rating Classification

Summit XPS has subjected SummitBoard (80mm) to rigorous testing, adhering to the stringent guidelines of SANS 428 and SANS 10177 test protocols. The fire rating classification provides valuable insights into how our insulation boards perform when exposed to fire, making it easier for you to assess their suitability for your specific application.

SANS 10177 – 5: B (Combustible)

SummitBoard achieved a B classification under SANS 10177 – 5, signifying that it is combustible. While the board may contribute to the overall fire hazard, it is essential to consider its application within the construction project and implement appropriate fire safety measures accordingly.

SANS 10177 – 10: B/B1*

Under SANS 10177-10, SummitBoard attained a B/B1 classification. This means that the insulation board exhibits combustible properties but also demonstrates limited fire spread capability. With this classification, Summit XPS assures enhanced safety and a reduced risk of fire propagation.

SANS 10177 – 11: B/B1/2/H & V/ (SP & USP)

SummitBoard proved its resilience under the most demanding conditions with a B/B1/2/H & V classification under SANS 10177-11. This classification encompasses horizontal and vertical applications and under both standard pressure (SP) and under sustained pressure (USP) scenarios. SummitBoard demonstrated superior fire resistance and control, assuring you of enhanced safety and performance.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With SummitBoard

Choose Summit XPS for insulation solutions that strike the perfect balance between safety and performance. Your project’s success and the safety of its occupants are our top priorities.