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A proud member of the Swartland family, we are committed to creating products of the highest quality and delivering service to match. ‘Above expectations’ is our motto and we welcome customers to hold us to it.

Our current offering consists of XPS insulation board and trap doors, as well as thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant solutions from Knauf Insulation.


Why Summit XPS Insulation Board
Why Summit XPS Insulation Board

XPS Insulation boards
Summit XPS Board – above expectations

If you are considering using green insulation in building or renovating a residential or commercial property – that’s great, not only because it will make the finished building a much more comfortable space to be in, but it will also reduce the energy required to keep the interiors at a comfortable temperature, and it is a better choice for the environment. There are currently several types of eco-friendly insulation to choose from – with extruded polystyrene, or XPS, being one of the most popular.

Summit XPS
Insulation: what you need to know

For many years, energy efficiency in buildings was a matter of personal preference.