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What is Summit XPS board?

XPS board, or extruded polystyrene foam board, is made from rigid polystyrene with high compressive strength. Its closed-cell structure provides excellent long-term thermal insulation performance because of its inherent resistance to moisture transfer.

What lengths & thickness can you order?

  • Standard thickness: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm
  • Special-order thickness: 60mm-100mm
  • One standard width: 600mm
  • Standard lengths (in mm):
    1 800 | 2 100 | 2 400 | 2 700 | 3 000 | 3 300 | 3 600 | 4 000 | 4 200 | 4 800 | 5 400 | 6 000 | 6 600 | 7 200 | 8 000

What do you need to order to install Summit XPS board?

  • If your application is nail-up ceiling or between trusses, order Summit concealed clips and Summit adhesive.
  • For sound insulation, order Knauf insulation rolls.
  • Summit cornices will finish off the perimeter of any room, and neaten boards between trusses.

Clips & adhesive information

  • You’ll need ±3 clips per m².
  • You’ll need ±1 litre of adhesive per 30m².

Potential problems

Sagging of Summit XPS board, which will occur if:

  • The recommended spacing of substructure is exceeded;
  • The correct amount of adhesive is not used on the substructure;
  • Heavy lights or fittings are installed directly into the board. (Fixing methods should be discussed with one of our representatives/specialists.)
Shrinkage of Summit XPS board, which will occur if:
  • The wrong type of lighting is used;
  • The board is installed too close to heated chimney pipes. (Please contact one of our representatives/specialists.)
Dust collecting on Summit XPS board
  • Boards must be cleaned/wiped down with a solution of fabric softener or dishwashing liquid in water, to remove the static electricity buildup that causes dust particles to settle.

Important installation notes

  • Avoid butt joints.
  • Always secure boards along the tongue-and-groove ends to prevent movement.
  • Increase substructure spacing when installing Summit XPS board in areas that are exposed to wind.
  • If painting Summit XPS board, use only water-based paint. The use of any solvents will damage the Summit XPS board.

Two ways to order

  • Through an accredited local retailer
  • By contacting us directly.


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